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Gold rings which reinterpret a design from the 1950’s, simplified in decorative style but conserving the soft clean lines. The colours of the gold and the materials used have suggested the names of each individual model and take inspiration from the world of nature.

Dreams Collection; precious bracelets in platinum bear witness to the continuity of the brand across the years. A modern reinterpretation of the line created in 1936 which unites tradition and innovation beneath the sign of quality. The “Dreams” line of platinum bracelets is made by hand in accordance with the traditional craftsmanship of Cusi Jeweller’s and can be personalised according to individual taste. In addition to the original version the “Dreams” bracelets can be modified with gemstones of various carats or charms as desired.

Our gold jewellery is made by hand with expert attention to detail and finish. Classic lines, at time following historical designs, unite with new interpretations to offer a range of precious objects where alongside the quality of the materials one finds a creativity and style of jewellery that never goes out of fashion.

A solitaire ring symbolises the union between a man and a woman bound by true love. Of all the engagement rings a solitaire ring is without equal. A solitaire ring, a ring with a single gem ( diamond, sapphire, ruby, aquamarine etc) set in platinum, represents the perfect choice to signal the most important of relationships and the characteristics of this valuable material are rich in significance: pure, rare and eternal.

    Tiny pendants recreating the symbols of Christmas.
    Miniature masterpieces of the goldsmith’s art, a concentration of precious stones and craftsmanship. They have been created taking inspiration from a design of the 1930s. Notwithstanding the reduced dimensions, the work is developed across several layers, creating a three dimensional effect. They are available in yellow, rose or white gold or embellished with diamonds, pink sapphires or green tsavorite. As a tradition every year a different version is made, which people like to collect or give as a gift each Christmas.